Erik is the founder of Hills Barbershop.  He has been licensed for 10 years, and specializes in consistent barber perfected cuts, confident with all hair types, styles, and textures.  If he’s not perfecting the craft behind the barber chair, he’s spending time with the family and enjoy the good life.



Blake has been here in Seattle for the last 20 years, prior to that his roots were set in Massachusettess. Outside of a serious love for the barbering game, Blake is into Rock and delivering the most challenge cuts.  He likes building meaningful connections with his clients and providing them all with the best possible looks.  
Thank you to all of my regular clients, and I look forward to meeting all of my new ones! - Blake

Devin a.k.a. Dev206

Devin has been a barber since 2008, specializing in urban and professional cuts as well as maintaining dreads.  On a more personal note, you can catch him getting some new ink added to the tattoo collection, hitting the gym, or enjoying fine dining.